• Weather-proofed surface equipment (IP53 rated), for outdoor use.
  • Downhole equipment capable of operating submerged (IP68 rated) to depth of 330’ (100m).
  • Survey pipes from 1 ¼ “(35mm) to 24” (600mm) in diameter and above using pushrod and crawler systems from a single command module.
  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient Ultra-bright 200mm (8″) industrial grade TFT screen with anti-reflective protection, offers the best picture in most light conditions.
  • Integrated pushrod support, switch from crawler to pushrod operation directly from the command module with no need to move cables Optional built-in pushrod battery -no need for mains power when using a pushrod.
  • Digital zoom and picture navigation functions to explore the live video picture and focus on problematic areas. Full PAL/NTSC MPEG4 videos and snapshots onto USB Memory stick or Compact Flash card offer a convenient way to store and transfer your survey data.
  • Manual or self-contained powered drum systems, supports van/truck or remote operations.
    Cable length from 300’ (100m) to 1000’ (305m) – Pushrod length from 100’(30m) to 450’ (150m).
  • Integrated reporting system allows the creation of HTML or xml reports- on- site without needing extra equipment.
  • FlexiSight Manager PC application manages systems surveys and produces detailed WRC MSCC 5 compliant reports, including pipe graphs and optional inclination analysis.
  • Ethernet interface to third party reporting applications.
  • Choice of two powerful crawlers, constructed in brass and stainless steel and powered by a single or twin 50W motor.
  • Built in multi-frequency sonde and high accuracy inclinometer, to aid surveying and to pinpoint pipe location and depth.
  • Automatic anti-roll software features helps prevent the crawler from flipping over.
  • Choice of wheels and tires (rubber or abrasive) for use in different pipe conditions.
  • Choice of high resolution crawler or pushrod cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and high light performance.
  • Pan and Tilt and optical zoom (10x) cameras enable inspection of joints and laterals.
  • Skid and elevator accessories position the camera at the center of the pipe for inspection standard quality video surveying.
  • Lighthead accessories to provide extra light for inspecting larger pipes.