gallery-3Dynamic Drain solutions have moved forward with the advances in CCTV Surveys by constantly upgrading there equipment to ensure that the quality and accuracy of all the CCTV Surveys they carry out each day are of a high standard.

Due to our high resolution quality units we are able to survey both the largest and the smallest diameter sewers.

Whether it is for a large housing estate or a private property, our customers have been using our services and equipment to help solve their inspections. We will provide on screen visual proof of a located problem, this is backed up by DVD evidence and written reports and mapping is also available.

We have designed and built a significant number of CCTV Survey Vehicles. These vehicles incorporate all the systems necessary to run a complete TV Survey. We’ve designed all our vehicles to optimise the highest level of safety and productivity for all our clients. We can allow engineers to sit in relative comfort and observe the survey as it happens, so they will leave the site with all relative information required

We aim to overcome every possible scenario, therefore we realise that a lightweight portable unit is utmost in every customers needs. We appreciate a vehicle may not be able to get to every location, therefore we can supply a one man, low cost operational Survey teams that can survey any and every application necessary, whether it be internal or external the whole surveying unit can be moved along with a power supply.

The same high standard and quality is provided for every customer and their requirements.